1-1 The provision of the information in the contract is mandatory and conditioning suite that can be given to the rental application.
1-2 The tenant must be minimum 21 years and 3 years of actual permits.
1-3 In the event or for a cause incumbent on it, the lessor could not honor lease by the provision of the designated vehicle, liability is expressly limited to the supply of a vehicle in the nearest category according to its possibilities and in the event of total failure of supply, to the equivalent of the cost of the rent for the contract duration (daily basis + VAT) within the maximum limit of 10 days. Only are guaranteed confirmed reservations in writing of the owner and the payment of the deposit by the tenant.
1-4 The lessor reserves the right to terminate the rental, with no compensation, at any time, charging only the days used.
1-5 The return of the vehicle in perfect condition and its documents (gray card or certified copy), done only to stop renting.
1-6 The tenant must pay it until all those refunds are not, even for an independent cause of willingness (judicial, administrative, strikes, accident, weather decisions).
1-7 In case of theft of the vehicle or loss of documents, lease ceases on the day of production by the tenant of an official certificate of loss or theft. Fees for the issuance of duplicates of documents are dependant.
1-8 In the event of restitution with one garage other than that of departure, without prior written of the owner, it will be charged to the tenant all costs of return of the vehicle to the garage's departure.
1-9 Fuel is payable by the renter and must return the vehicle with at least the same level indicated.


2-1 The lessee is fully responsible for the vehicle in terms of articles 1382 and 1384 of the civil code, as soon as the vehicle is surrendered.
2-2 No relationship of subordination exists between the tenant and the landlord, the latter's responsibility cannot be sought because of violation of the code of the road, in accordance with article L21 WMCC both in principal and in legal costs. The tenant shall reimburse the lessor all expenses of this nature eventually paid in its place, it is the same as regards customs offences.
2-3 Authorized drivers are acting as agents of the tenant who remains responsible to the owner of the full implementation of these terms and conditions.
2-4 The vehicle is delivered in good working condition and body with tyres in good condition and a spare wheel complete. Before signing, the user checks
the Interior and exterior of the vehicle (including the frame)
2-5 As a result, for the case or an interruption of service, an incident or an accident resulting directly from the operation of the vehicle or the State of its tyres, would be demonstrated, the responsibility of the renter would be limited to the provision of an equivalent vehicle.
2-6 The good condition of the vehicle, in accordance with the highway traffic is authenticated by its acceptance by the tenant: who after personal control signs sheet inspection, it remains solely responsible before the law. The tenant undertakes to render the said vehicle in the State or he was at the start.


The hirer undertakes:
3-1A let drive the vehicle only by drivers allowed in the 1-1 conditions.
3-2 A not use it on roads to traffic, as a good father, without participation in events sporting nature such as rallies, recognitions, competitions on routes or circuits, etc....
3-3A do not carry passengers for remuneration, nor more than the authorized places.
3-4 Do not use the vehicle for purposes other than those specified by the manufacturer and authorized by the laws, orders and regulations.
3 - 5A make any mechanical changes or bodywork, do not remove or add any mechanical or incidental to intervene any element such as tyres without express notice to the lessor.
3 - 6A does not tow a trailer, not tow another vehicle, to possibly tow by a legally authorized vehicle.
3 - 7A introduce all 4 weeks the vehicle to the lessor for maintenance and checking operations resulting from normal use. Failing and with agreement of the lessor, the lessee undertakes to perform at his expense by an official agent of the brand of the vehicle and to produce the supporting invoices on request of the owner.
3-8 A. render the vehicle from the lessor to the starting point no later than the day contractually scheduled for the end of rental. Verification of the vehicle will be immediately in cases where the State inside and outside of the vehicle permits; otherwise, it will be carried out the checks after cleaning. The non return of the vehicle to the agreed deadline will be sanctions art. 3.10 and the tenant will pay compensation in the amount of 100 euros to the hirer and the rental days not authorized on the basis of the daily rate.
3-9 To make the written declaration in the 48 h. any accident on a report containing all information. on the circumstances of the incident, the identity of the parties and the witnesses, to notify the lessor in case of accident or theft of the vehicle and seize the police or gendarmerie authorities.
3-10. Any offence to one of the obligations contained in articles 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, 3-4, 3-5, 3-6, 3-7, 3-8, 3-9, 6-2, trained by operation of law and without delay the termination of the
rent and therefore the deletion of all warranties. The amount of the credit of the tenant subsequently forfeited
the company as a penalty clause, in addition the hirer reserves, if the tenant does not render immediately and voluntarily the vehicle, the faculty to resume in any place that it is; at the expense of the lessee, without there need legal recourse and without prejudice to criminal prosecution for misuse of vehicle.


4 1.1 Subject to articles 4-2, 4-3, the tenant is insured without limitation against the financial consequences from his civil liability for accidents caused to third parties.
Are excluded from this warranty:
The driver of the vehicle at the time of the accident.
Accidents occurring to objects transported or caused by these objects.
4 1.2 Accident occurred in circumstances involving the non-compliance with the obligations of articles 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, 3-4, 3-5, 3-6, 3-7, 3-8, 3-9, 6-2, the tenant remains fully responsible for the consequences of the accident for the damage material or bodily caused to third parties: in such a case, the tenant is required to pay to the lessor or its insurers the full amount of amounts possibly paid by them.
4-1. 3 There is no insurance in case of accident caused by a driver without a permit valid for more than 2 years at least.
4-2 FIRE.
4 - 2.1 Fire of the vehicle, the tenant will have to pay a deductible of 400 euros. In case of fire caused by objects carried by the tenant in the vehicle, the latter will be responsible for the market value of the vehicle.
4 3.1 Only the vehicle is insured against theft (under the guise of a deductible depending on the leased category). There's no insurance of the transported objects. Not responsible for accidents, the tenant will have to advance in an amount of 400 euros.
4 - 4.1 The lessee shall bear the risk of theft of the vehicle to the express condition that it renders documents (gray card or certified copy of the gray card) and the keys of the vehicle (with a franchise according to leased category): in the absence of restitution by the tenant of the documents and the keys to the vehicle, that ci will be held at the payment of the market value of the vehicle.
4 4.2 The theft of objects carried, as it is their value, plundering, partial theft and theft by a servant or agent of the tenant remain the exclusive responsibility of the latter.
4 - 5.1 Responsible for accident or without third party vehicle damage are the entire responsibility of the tenant.
4 - 5.2 Remains in all cases fully borne by the tenant:
-Damage and capital costs resulting from an accident without third party involved or the circumstances involving failure to comply with commitments under articles 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, 3-4, 3-5, 3-6, 3-7, 3-8, 3-9, 6-2, as well as those resulting from a shock in one passage which the height, the width or keep to the ground was poorly appreciated (bridgetunnel, entrance building, tree branch, gutters, back of ass, ruts, riffles, landslides, etc.the gel and the runflat, vandalism or theft of the car, riots or disorders and the costs of return of the vehicle to the starting point.
-Internal damage of the vehicle including the stains on the upholstery; towing, theft charges, failure 'responsible' such as run out of gas, lost keys, keys following battery recoding of the oblivion of extinction of fires and more generally any failure attributable to the hirer.
4 3.3 GLASS
The glass is covered with an excess of 250 Euros.
Any tenant in a State of intoxication or under the influence of any alcoholic, as defined by article 1-1 of the code of the road, or under the effect of absorbed elements that alter the reflexes necessary to the operation of the vehicle, is deprived of the safeguards laid down in articles 4 - 1.1, 4 - 2.1, 4 - 3.1, under the conditions provided by the law of the 21.02.1958.
The tenant cannot invoke the total or partial relief from liability for any cause whatsoever, to refuse or suspend the payment of the amounts for which he is liable to the hirer.
When playing the provisions, articles 4 - 2.1, 4 - 4.1 and 4 - 5.2, the tenant subrogates ex officio the owner of his rights, for the exercise of the remedy against the third party. For damage to property: costs and fees incurred by recoveries of this allowance are borne by the lessee and the lessor in proportion to the amounts their returning. The lessee shall communicate to the hirer upon receipt all parts received an accident and provide all relevant information. No recognition of liability, or transaction occurring outside of the owner are prejudicial to him.


5-1 The lessee shall pay to support the vehicle a sum whose amount is determined by the conditions of the tariff in force.
5 - 1.1 This payment is attributed to the hirer in any property to the amount of the sums due by the tenant for any reason whatsoever, which, by express agreement, is formally accepted by him.
5 - 2.1 Reimbursement cannot intervene until return of vehicle and definitive solution to any disputes against the lessor.


6-1 Uses will be charged under the conditions of the tariff in force at the time of each rental which is formally accepted by the lessee.
6 2 In case of non-payment prior to the rental, the lessee loses the benefits of any warranties resulting
of these terms. In addition, it exposes itself to lawsuits and all of the invoice plus a lump sum to 20% as a penalty in clause
the senses in 1226 articles and following of the civil code, without prejudice to the application of the provisions of section 3-10.


In case of dispute, are competent only the courts of the headquarters of the lessor.
You get a helper of GROUPAMA, telephone number printed on the back of the sticker of insurance on the door key and on the certificate of insurance.

Category surety franchise
CAT A 3 doors ESS. 900 E 900 E
CAT A + 3 doors ESS. CLIM 900 E 900 E
Cat B 5 doors ESS 1000 E 1000 E
Cat B + 5 doors ESS. CLIM 1000 E 1000 E
CAT C 3 doors DIESEL 1100 E 1100 E
CAT C + 5 doors DIESEL.CLIM 1100 E 1100 E
Cat D MINIBUS 9 SEATER air-con 1500 E 1500 E